Survival After Defeat (S.A.D.) was inspired by the passing of our founders mother to cervical cancer. Her spirit is the fuel and energy behind the brands narrative and mindset.

Life throws challenges our way, every day, and new ways of survival. S.A.D. represents itself as a statue of hope as we all go through the trials and tribulations of discovering our existence; without fear of showing the outcome through one drop of blood, sweat, and tears. 

Our Dove symbolizes a fresh start and carries the S.A.D. message wherever it goes.

The Red Tear Drop is a simple reminder of the reality we all live in.  

The Target Pendant represents the world is always watching and keeping a close eye on you. You have to be ready and alert for what this life has to offer. 

S.A.D. is a representation of all walks of life and those who are willing to embrace it.

Think it. Accept It. Speak It. Live It.

Thank you for supporting the brand and embracing the mindset.


Evan Mahone,  Founder/CEO


*A portion of the proceeds from all apparel sold will go towards the ongoing fight to treat and cure cervical cancer.*