We recognize and honor my mother Tamra Joy Mahone with the S.A.D Cervical Cancer Awareness T-Shirts.  

I know her heart is filled with Joy witnessing her inspiration for the Survival After Defeat mindset and my motivation to share her message through my apparel.  Teal is the color that represents Cervical Cancer.  I will forever honor her and the countless women who have faced and are battling the challenges and S.A.D. Realities of Cervical Cancer.

January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month but will be a daily part of the S.A.D mindset.  While significant improvements have been made, Cervical Cancer is still considered the “Silent Killer”.  Resources are needed for treatment, early detection, prevention and ultimately a cure.

Please join me in my commitment to raise awareness and much needed funds to fight Cervical Cancer.

Your purchases matter.  A portion of the proceeds from all apparel sold will go towards the ongoing fight to treat and cure Cervical Cancer.

Think it. Accept It. Speak It. Live It.

Thank you for supporting the brand and embracing the mindset.


Evan Mahone,  Founder/CEO